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My neighborhood....

Well my name is Susan. I have recently moved back to Bonnie Scotland after 12 years of living and working in Sydney Australia.

I am passionate (or should I say OBSESSED) with food, restaurants, cafes, cooking, entertaining, produce and eating.

Australia is also pretty obsessed with all of the above….Scotland is getting there.

I have been working in my own business since I have been in Oz (non food related – sob sob) and have decided to chuck it all in to follow my passion in the food world.

Slightly worrying….but exciting none the less.

Part of my food journey is to document my foodie experiences and blogging seems to be the best outlet for my ramblings.

My new career path has been exciting so far and has included working with an Edinburgh based charity teaching basic and advanced cooking class to homeless people who have been recently housed. Most recently I have been working as a pastry chef in a Michelin starred restaurant. I am in the process of figuring out my next step on the food ladder…

My friends and family know, if I am not eating or cooking, I am without a doubt talking about food, restaurants, recipes, ingredients etc etc. When I was in Oz my sister and I would talk for hours on end about food and sometimes a little bit about our lives.

As Julie Andrews says “Here are a few of my favourite things….”

– Scampi (and I am not talking about the breaded deep fat fried stuff you get in pubs in Scotland)
– Sweet ripe tomatoes (not terrible supermarket ones that taste like turnips)
– Good bread (e.g. Spelt sourdough from Sonoma in Sydney – Scotland yet to find good bread!!!)
– Avocado
– Anything from Kylie Kwong
– Neil Perry (however I would prefer it if he lost the scary ponytail)
– The Cooks Companion cookbook by Stephanie Alexander (the “Bible”)
– Maldon sea salt
– First press (cold press) new season olive oil the more peppery the better

And I could go on….

I am looking forward to discovering what Scotland has to offer and excited about where that will take me.


8 Responses to “About me”

  1. Fiona J L MacGregor Says:

    What about MEEEE! ?

  2. Joolz Says:

    Hey….I’m on board!
    Where are all the meat recipes!?! 😉

  3. Joolz Says:

    Hey…I’m finally on board!
    Where are all the meat recipes? 😉

  4. Scott Barlow Says:

    Suze, I am going to try your Paella this weekend. V Excited. SB

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