Wild Garlic

Today is Wild Garlic day, well not officially, I did plan on making a wild garlic soup at lunchtime but got distracted by a 2 hr Skype conversation. All of a sudden it was 3 pm. Opps!

Up until today I had never cooked with wild garlic or tasted it for that matter however I was pretty sure we would get along famously. I love garlic and this stuff is free how could you go wrong.

I ventured down to the wood at the bottom of the garden to pick a bunch of the green leafy stuff to find that most of it was covered in pigeon shit!!! Little buggers.

With a little more rummaging around I manged to find a good quantity of garlic which had not been hammered by the wood pigeons.

As I said I had never tasted wild garlic before so I decided to taste it raw and also cook it quickly in a little butter.

Raw it tastes a little bit like chives and has the texture of young baby spinach. Cooked – well what can I say! YUM!!!!!!!

I popped a piece of butter in a shallow pan on the stove with a splash of olive oil, then sautéed the leaves for about 1 – 2 mins until they were wilted. I sautéed the leaves whole, there was a little bit of odd puffing up of the leaves whilst cooking (slightly seaweed looking) but I tried to ignore that. I added a little bit of S & P (salt and pepper) and a squeeze of lemon and wallah!!

Sweet, mildly garlicky, hint of chives/spring onion with the texture of sautéed spinach.

Love it!!!! (and so did my dad)

I now have so many ideas for my new favourite ingredient:

– Wild garlic, ricotta and parmesan ravioli (or cannelloni or even lasagna)
– Wild garlic and feta pie (similar to Spanakopita)
– Chinese wild garlic, mushroom and tofu dumplings with sweet/spicy/salty dipping sauce
– Pan fried lemon sole with creamy mash and sautéed wild garlic with lemon butter
– Wild garlic risotto
– Omelet with wild garlic and creme fraiche
– Lentil Dal with cummin wild garlic and toasted almonds
– Wild garlic soup with potato and leek
– Lentil soup with wild garlic
– Mussels with wild garlic fresh tomato, white wine and a hint of chili

So many things to do so little time….will keep you posted.


2 Responses to “Wild Garlic”

  1. Fiona J L MacGregor Says:

    Well what can I say wee sis… bloody good start!
    Loving the first bit about Wild Garlic and looking forward to tasting the results… very soon please.

    I think you need to mention at some point that I am your biggest fan on the food front anyway and have my own foodie passions too.

    I have lots of foodie photos while I was in Sydney with you and I think I need to pass them on to you for the Blog for all to see.
    Looking forward to the next foodie topic… I am guessing it might be ….mmmm …
    BREAD ?????

    Fee x

    • Hello Sister,

      Thanks for your comments. Will try to remember to bring a huge bunch on Wild Garlic over for you this weekend I promise! Going to get started on “bread” tomorrow. Have a big bag of wholemeal organic spelt flour with my name written all over it.

      I hope I don’t end up with door stoppers?? The good thing is there are tons of birds to feed.

      Suz x

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